Emma, My first Jane Austen Book!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My first Jane Austen book! YaY!!!! It only took me 32.5 years to get it done! To be honest, I was very “anxious” about reading anything by Jane Austen because it is soo highly regarded and praised that I just did not want to be the one who couldn’t understand the beauty in her books! After spending the majority of the last two days reading Emma, I must say that although it was not a 5 star for me, I did enjoy it and it was worth my time.

As someone whose mother language is not English, I did have a bit of a hard time getting used to the vocabulary and the type of writing, but we got there at the end. I got used to the colloquialisms of the time and learned a few new English words on the way.

Ok… in terms of the story… it is a nice one. It is not plot-driven but more towards a character-driven story in which we witness Emma’s development from a spoiled-rich-woman to a spoiled but kind, still rich- woman. hahaha. Like all of us, Emma has flaws, and the fact that she is very spoiled by everyone around her has not allowed her to mature much before this story begins. I was pleasantly surprised about how much I laughed! My favourite character was Mr Woodhouse – what an interesting and fun individual.

Immediately after finishing the book, I watched the latest adaptation and OMG!!!! I loved it!!! especially because it has Bill Nighy playing as Mr Woodhouse and there wasn’t another person who could have played him but Billy.

I gave the book 4 stars but the movie is a 5 star without a doubt!

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