Best Sci-Fi Book I’ve ever read – Are you ready player one?

OMG…This book blew my mind!

Ok my friends, let’s face it… I have awakened a monster within me, not a cookie monster but a book monster. I have read 4 books in 2 weeks and I’m already halfway through another one.. hahaha.. I’m not sure what happened, but my curiosity and my willingness to get immersed in different stories and fictional worlds have been enough for me to dedicate a good part of my daily schedule to read (at least solid 1.5 hours before finally putting the book down, turning the lights off and falling asleep).

My good friend Casey Neistat recommended this book a few months ago and following up on his advice I bought it immediately, because – duh, it’s Casey’s advice!! Ready Player One had been sitting on my desk for a couple of months, until finally on Monday I decided to give it a go and OMG…I seriously couldn’t read it faster.


This book is set in the year 2044. The earth is not the best place to live in as poverty levels have risen and there is a massive energy crisis. While all that destruction was taking place, people found a new way to deal with the cruel reality: OASIS. Oasis is like that computer game very famous 10 years ago called Second Life but on steroids, much much better, a full immersive experience! In it, people can be whatever they want: humans, elves, aliens or whatever they fancy, so you can imagine the crazy worlds and avatars that exist in it, while everyone’s true identity remains hidden.

But what makes this book soo blooming good is what happens when the creator and owner of OASIS dies. He was never married, no children, no-one to inherit his empire. Before passing away, he designed a treasure hunt to take place across all the existing planets. The winner of it will get EVERYTHING. This prize will change the winner’s life forever but, the competition has a twist. The entire treasure hunt is full of references to the 80’s! The clues left behind by the creator are all related to songs, shows, games and movies from that decade, and remember, it’s the year 2044… the 80’s were more than 50 years ago.


RPY 01

Although I’m from the 80’s, late 80’s, I didn’t get many of the references of the story because most of the shows or movies from that time were not shown in Colombia, but I really enjoyed the discovery journey that the main character, Parzival and his fellow ‘Egg Hunter’ friends go through while trying to beat the evil corporation IOI which is also trying to find the treasure but with no good intentions.

I was blown away by how well this book is written. You are in the future, but you are also in the past, playing Pac-man while the main character is falling in love with another avatar, without even knowing for sure if she is actually a girl.

There is a movie coming up next year, and although the trailers don’t look as good as the book, I know I will watch it!

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? 


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