4 things I will wear once I reached my goal weight!

Is there a piece of clothing that you have always wanted to wear but you haven’t had the guts or confidence to do it?

I have a goal. I really want to feel a bit more confident with my body for my 30th birthday this December. I’ve been giving it my best, something that I’ve never done before. I’m exercising almost every day but most importantly, I have changed my eating habits and to be honest, for the first time in a long time I’m confident I will achieve my goal.

All this effort has made me think about the things I have always wanted to wear but that my oversized figure has stopped me. I know… shame on me for letting ‘beauty standards’ get into my wardrobe decisions, but to be honest it’s very hard not to when you grow up surrounded by stereotypes of what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Just the idea of enjoying shopping again (I can’t even remember the last time going shopping was a fun plan) motivates me to keep going and keep my training and diet on track.  I dream of the moment when I can confidently wear the following things:

Skirts, Tiny Dresses and Shorts

My legs have always been very pale, not because I didn’t have the chance to get a tan, but because I’ve always thought they look better in long pants. Since I can remember, I’ve always been very conscious of how big my legs are. I have massive hips!  They are the perfect illustration of “Hips don’t lie”, I can’t hide my unhealthy relationship with food because they give it away.

But it’s not only because of the ‘what they say‘, but also because there is nothing more uncomfortable than chafing! OMG, chafing! I’m tired of having to wear shorts under my dresses – which, as well as being very hard to find, need to be from certain material, a certain length… Too long and you can see them underneath the dress; too short and they will roll up down your legs and worsen the chafing.

Light/White Jeans

If black is my best friend, white is my enemy. My big legs look terrible in white pants or light jeans. The last time I owned a pair of pants like that was probably when I was 14, I remember them clearly.  The problem with these colours is that they can’t hide my cellulite, instead, they expose it to the maximum. It would be nice to include these pants back into the consideration set and inject some colour into my all-is-black wardrobe.


Maxi Dresses

They are cute, they are baggy, they do not look good on the big version of me! But they will look great on the new lighter version coming up soon. I tried on a couple of these dresses before and to be honest, I just didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. They made me look bigger than I actually am. I can’t wait to see what my thinner self is going to think about them.



Don’t get me wrong, I do own and wear bikinis. But, because of my rather large chest, butt and hips, it’s always a 2-to-3 hour task to find a Bikini that provides good support, while covering all the essential parts of my body – I really do not want to show my nipples to everyone at Brighton Beach everytime a wave comes in! So, one of the things I’m looking forward the most is to start a nice and wide bikini collection – Living near the beach comes with a price!


So, these are the 4 pieces of clothing I’ve never been brave enough to wear, but the thought of being able to wear them inspires me to keep going! Is there anything you have always wanted to wear but for some reason you haven’t done it yet? Let’s chat in the comments!

See you soon! Chauu!

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