My August Favourites!

I can’t believe we are already in September! Only 3 months are left for me to accomplish all of my 2017 resolutions which I think is not going to happen =(. Anyway, this post is not about that, it’s about things I loved in August! The list is quite long, but I hope you enjoy it!

1. #VEDA – Vlogging Every Day In August!

Click the image to watch the videos!

I took the crazy decision of jumping on the #VEDA challenge bandwagon. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to actually go through it but I was wrong! I did it! I uploaded a video every. single. day of August. It was a very interesting process, and although I was very happy when it was over, I learnt that I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to. If you want to know more of my social media endeavours or a bit more about me you have 31 short videos to entertain yourself.

2. Harry Potter and The Sacred Text – Podcasts

Harry Potter fans out there… if you haven’t listened to this podcast, you are missing out big time! I sincerely can’t believe I did not know about this until 3 weeks ago! Under what massive rock have I been? This amazing show has been around for almost a year and it is FLIPPING amazing! I’m not exaggerating when I say that this podcast is the only thing I listened to for two whole weeks. I was listening to it in the car, on the train, at work, before going to bed… I would listen to it at every single opportunity. What is it? A deep analysis of the Harry Potter books. The two hosts examine one chapter per episode through the lens of a given topic.

HP and the sacred Text

It’s not only eye-opening but also hilarious. They have a 30-sec competition at the beginning of the episodes where each host tries to recap the chapter under 30 seconds, it is sooo funny! It’s not about fanfiction, it’s all about the story, the characters, their relationships and journeys in the books. I’ve finally caught up – they are about to start book 4, so you still have time to get into it!

3. The Bold Type – TV

There is a new series on the block and I went for it hard by binge-watching the first 10 episodes (there are only 13 out, hahaha!). This show is your typical chick-flick-series! Three young girls trying to make a living in the publishing world. I’m not sure if it is because I feel that I identify with them and their journeys, but I found this show very interesting, entertaining and inspiring! It’s like The Devil Wears Prada but in a series and with a really good boss!


4. The Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba – Books

This is the only book I got to read in August, but oh girl, believe me when I say every woman out there needs to get her hands on this little book full of tips and advice on how to have the career of your dreams. It’s very easy to read as it’s very tiny, the title is quite literal.

Little Black Book

5. Bellabox Subscription – Products

Bellabox is the perfect subscription for when you want to try new products but you do not have the spare cash for it. You only pay $17AUD and you get a little blue box every month with 5 or 6 beauty products to try. It’s great and I love it! So far I have tried the Sand & Sky mask and it was sooo good, my face felt awesome after I used it. Can’t wait for my September box!


6. New Office/Living Room Set up – Home Style

Our house has two rooms, and my boyfriend Ethan declared the spare bedroom as his cave way before moving in, which left me with very few options to pick from for my working space. At the beginning, it was a very simple and small area with a white desk on a corner, but after finding a big desk outside my house up for grabs (can you believe that?), I transformed the entire space and now I have almost half of the living room as my office! – and I’m loving it!


It’s a space I enjoy working in, with a new big screen, a couple of plants on the sides and some desk accessories, all of which inspire me to work harder! Having a good, comfortable physical space contributes to productivity almost as much as being organised!

7. Unroll me – Website

Don’t you hate receiving a thousand emails from companies you don’t even remember signing up to in the first place? Well, I do! And a couple of years ago I got to the point where I decided to leave my Hotmail account and move to Gmail to get a fresh start. I wish Unroll Me had existed back then! This website allows you to see all the email lists you are subscribed to and unsubscribe with a single click! How awesome is that???

Unroll me

Those are the things I found out in August that I loved and wanted to share with you.  I hope some of them will spark your interest!



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