I lost them all!

We escaped to the woods one night. It was wonderful, and I wanted to write about it here.  I’ve been thinking about this post for over two weeks. I was waiting for some free time to edit the amazing pictures that were meant to go with it, for which I would have used my recently-acquired Lightroom skills, as I wanted them to look as beautiful as the real deal. But all the photos are gone! it’s like our little retreat to the woods never happened!

I’ve been doing #SSSVEDA for the past 24 days, which means I’ve been filming, editing and uploading a video to one of my YouTube channels every day in August. As you can imagine, the amount of footage and photos I have created in the last month is ridiculous! I started moving files from the SD card to the computer and from the computer to the external drive careless on a daily basis as my little Mac was having memory issues. And that was my big mistake.

One of the problems, when you have a hobby like Youtube, is that you need not only many external drives to keep all your files safe but also, a filing system to control what footage is where and to make the process of finding a specific file easy.

After coming back from our night away at this beautiful cabin in the middle of the woods up in the Dandenong Ranges – Victoria, I transferred (or so I thought), the snaps I had taken with my new Canon 50mm lens! I was sooo excited to write this post, and share with you the lovely place, the surroundings, and the experience. Today, when I finally decided to edit the photos and write the post, tragically realizes that I never transferred the photos and since then I’ve formatted my SD card few times.

Almost all pictures are gone, the only ones that survived were the ones taken with my phone. Although the memories will stay with me, a lesson was learned: Don’t delete anything until you are 100% sure you have saved it somewhere else! and to be honest, what a great excuse to come back to that little piece of paradise.

To be honest, losing the photos has provided me with a great excuse to come back to that little piece of paradise!

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A Colombo-Australian woman living in Melbourne. I love books and pugs! You too? Let's be cyber-friends! I also have a YouTube channel in case you want to know more about me.

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