My first walking event ever! – The Review


Today I participated in the first running/walking event of my life and it was great!

This year, my life has changed for the better and I have become more active. Three months ago I started attending Zumba classes at my gym and I fell in love with it. Since then, I also bought the game Just Dance and became addicted to all the choreographies uploading the videos to my YouTube channel (click Here to visit it). So, when the ad for the MS Race popped-up in my Facebook wall I thought it was a great way of challenging myself and keeping my motivation up while supporting and helping people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

There were 2 options, either run or walk 5k or 10k. I have never been a runner. At the gym, if I run 5 minutes on the treadmill at 8km/hour without stopping I feel like a huge accomplishment, so running was not an option this year. I decided to go for the 5k fun walk and I’m glad I did it because I couldn’t have done the 10k, my legs are not prepared for that yet.

Given that it was a walk, i did not do anything special to prepare for the race however, I have been exercising at least 4 days per week for the last couple of months, so my body was kinda prepared for one hour of cardio.

The weather was not the best, it was raining non-stopping but still hundreds of people showed up. Families with kids and dogs, couples with prams and people wearing funny customs, all of us came together to the starting line and waited for Katy Perry’s song to mark the start of the walk. As I said, this was my first event of this kind so, when we all started walking, I felt very emotional and tears filled my eyes (I did not cry tho). I was happy. I was happy of being part of something much bigger than me; being part of a community that comes together to support a great cause. I was happy about all the changes that I can see in my body and my mind since last year. So, when we left the starting line, I walked as fast as I could and promised myself that I will  give my best and get to the finish line without stopping.

I crossed the finish line 52 min 46 seconds later. I could not stop smiling. It felt incredible. I felt the same way I feel every time I run more than 5 min on the treadmill: Awesome! – People who were at the finish line were cheering every runner and I truly felt they were cheering me, I was a winner (you can see it in this video). That feeling stays with you and motivates you to keep going, to keep you motivated, to make you want to participate in other events, to discover new things that potentially you could love.

Can’t wait for the next one!


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